Chokeberry word - Fruit-Growing Ecological Farm from Łuków

Chokeberry word - Fruit-Growing Ecological Farm from Łuków

Our fruit-growing ecological farm is a chokeberry and cuttings producer and we have a long-term experience in planting those fruits and producing cuttings.

“EKOGWARANCJA PTRE” is the biggest certification unit in Poland that confirms the ecological character of fruits and cuttings produced by us .

We are the black chokeberry cuttings highest-quality producers.

The area of fruits plantation has reached over 50ha, which is a guarantee of high specialization, in the direction of chokeberry cuttings producing in our nursery-garden, as well as ecological black chokeberry fruit. We own specialized equipment both for plantation establishing and for its cultivation also harvesting the fruits. At the moment we own 2 harvesters for chokeberry picking- full-rowed Victor and half-rowed Joanna.

Our cuttings find its recipients not only within the borders of the country, but mainly abroad. We find that to be the undeniable proof of our high quality seed stocks.

Our fruit-growing plantation, as a chokeberry producer, offers highest-quality chokeberry cuttings from our own nursery-garden, as well as premade products, in form of frozen fruits, concentrates and chokeberry juices.