Chokeberry Vegetative Cuttings- Ecological and Conventional

Chokeberry Vegetative Cuttings- Ecological and Conventional

Chokeberry Cutting

Specie: Black Chokeberry

Variety: NERO

Cuttings I and II summer’s

Negotiable price

In our offer we have high-quality black chokeberry vegetative cuttings (variety: chokeberry NERO) Also ecological! Customers appreciate both professional help and cuttings itself, which are produced under the supervision of an qualified forester who has long time experience in nursing. Highest-quality cuttings has been collected by our regular customers for several years. While growing their plantation, they are getting the stock from us. We offer a full help both while planting, as well as while cultivating ecological chokeberry. We can also help with getting a grant from European Union for setting up or expanding your plantation.

In addition, in our offer we have chokeberrys cutting harvesters for rent. If there is a need, we also can offer putting chokeberries cuttings in the ground so that they would root, grow and give fruits properly. Furthermore, we are producing fully natural products made of chokeberry such as: juices, concentrates, lyophilised fruit, jam or fiber. Do not hesitate, contact us and order chokeberries ecological cuttings at an affordable price from our horticultural holding.

In our offer there is also:

– Chokeberry concentrate- conventional and ecological (concentrated chokeberry juice BIO)

-Blackcurrant concentrate

-Apple concentrate

-Beetroot concentrate

-Ecological chokeberry frozen fruits

-Blue berry frozen fruits