Organic Aronia Farm Certification - Polish Orchard Farm in Lukow

Organic Aronia Farm Certification - Polish Orchard Farm in Lukow

Healthy lifestyle has becoming more and more popular. Our plantation fits the current trends and during the chokeberry cultivation we make sure that the process takes place according to the roles of the ecological plantation. To prove it we claimed to confer the status of ecological plantation.

In the result of those efforts we were given a certificate of production process accordance to council regulations requirements (WE) nr 834/2007. Plantation control supervises certifying authority unit EKOGWARANCJA PTRE Sp. z o.o. What does it mean for the clients? By buying chokeberry bushes from us, you are given the warranty that on our plantation there are not used any chemicals nor artificial fertilizers, everything takes place with help of organic products. Fruits from ours bushes will be full of vitamins and antioxidants also free from any harmful to life chemicals.

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In recognition of longstanding partnership, high-quality of produced fruit, also obtaining plan’s high efficiency, we were given a AGRICO S.A. board’s diploma.

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