Aronia Nero Seedlings From Ecology Orchard Farm in Poland

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Welcome to the website of the Barbara and Tomasz
Michalak’s specialised orchard farm!

For many years, the basis activities of our farm have been: plantation of black chokeberries and production of high quality seedlings.

We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with our offer and contact us for more information about our products, plantations or for advice on growing chokeberries.

We offer the highest quality plants, organic fruit – aronia nero (the farm has the organic certification of the first year) and a professional assistance.

We guarantee that the seedlings from our nursery, planted and cared for according to our recommendations, give high yields in the future.

Our goal? – Customer satisfaction and, what is very necessary, sharing knowledge about crops plantation. Working with us is a guarantee of satisfaction!

See our offer

    • High-quality chokeberry vegetative cuttings.
    • Assistance in obtaining grants from the European Union.
    • Planters rental for planting chokeberry seedlings.
    • We can offer frozen Aronia Organic and concentrated Aronia juice Organic.

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